My Writing

Writing for Children

‘The Fairy Godmother 3000TM’, my twisted Cinderella story, was published in the October 2020 issue of Orbit (The School Magazine). Fun and enthralling illustrations by the wonderful Ana Maria Mendez Salgado.

‘From the Pen of the Lovely Large Wolf’, a short story I wrote in the form of a letter to the editor of The Grimm Times, was published in the April 2020 issue of Touchdown (The School Magazine). The illustrations by Greg Holfeld ( are delightfully detailed and fittingly funny.

‘Deflated,’ a short story I wrote about a girl’s birthday party gone terribly wrong, was published in Spaceports & Spidersilk in July 2019.

My poem, ‘Spring Dreams’ was published in Touchdown in September 2018. The illustration by the amazing artist, Bronwyn Bancroft was gorgeous.

The School Magazine published my short story about a chocoholic monster under the bed, ‘Something I Can Live With,’ in their March 2018 issue of Blast Off. It was illustrated  by the talented illustrator and cartoonist Tohby Riddle.

‘My Grandmother’s Hands’ was published in Touchdown (The School Magazine) in February 2018, with an illustration by the brilliant Matt Ottley.

I was also delighted to have the below children’s poems published in the Poem of the Day segment of Australian Children’s Poetry :

The Girl Who Was a Bird

This poem is based on my experience as a young adult of writing to children and young adults imprisoned on Nauru.

Bubble, Bubble

Star Wishing

Mish and Mash

The New Ssstudent

We Wish You a Merry Birthday

What the Smoke Says

I’d Rather Be a Pirate

I Will Be Brave

The Picnic

Writing for Adults

Aussie Speculative Fiction published my Short Story, ‘Phoenix Pharmaceuticals’ in their Cancer anthology, book seven in their Zodiac series.

Endless Stars Magazine featured my Steampunk short story, ‘The Clockwork Baby’ in their first issue (December 2019). Check them out for a complimentary copy.

Breach Magazine published my flash horror, ‘Hit and Rot’ in Breachzine Issue #8 (October 2018). This story was nominated for the 2019 Aurealis Award (short horror).

Shiny Garden published my short story, ‘Like Clockwork’ in their 2018 steampunk anthology, Wit & Whimsy (Volume 1). Lovers of clockwork, steam and heroics should check out this collection.

Antipodean SF published my short story, ‘By Kindle Light‘ in their 20th anniversary edition. You can read it for free here. This story was nominated for the 2019 Aurealis Award (short horror)

Breach  also published my short horror, ‘Estuarine Species’ in Breachzine Issue #4.

Breach published ‘The Free Range Option,’ my short story about an otherworldly shopping experience, in their August 2017 issue. You can find it here.

First published my flash fiction story, ‘The Garden Patch,’ in their Undertow collection.

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