About the Book Festival

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to join a writers panel for the About the Book festival in Merimbula on Saturday 11 March  2017. The topic of discussion will be: Giving voice to ourselves: the changing face of publishing. The panel will discuss the world of digital publishing and its impacts. I will be speaking about my work as an emerging author along with my experiences as a member of the Andromeda Spaceways Magazine Association.

I will be in high company – others on the panel will include Kate Liston-Mills, whose beautifully written book The Waterfowl are Drunk was published last year; Gabrielle Stroud, a teacher and YA author whose essay ‘Fixing the System‘ in The Griffith Review went viral; and Meghan Brewster, author, blogger and founder of Manuscrapped.com. The fabulous Michelle Pettigrove, who has been successful as an actress, playwright and author, will be facilitating.

Poem of the Day

Australian Children’s Poetry Website

Star Wishing

Space was a glittering,

Glamorous eyeful

So I wished for a star—

But I got a sky full.

They covered the floor

Like sparkling snow;

They lit up the house

With a dazzling glow.

They caught in my hair,

They filled up my lap;

They poured like diamonds

From the kitchen sink tap.

The Milky Way draped me,

A burning white shawl.

Constellations were bright

Works of art down the hall.

The Southern Cross

Pointed me onto the lawn.

I looked to the sky;

It was bare and forlorn.

So I wished them away;

They returned to the night.

I should not wish again.

I should not—but I might.

Jessica Nelson

Poetry Prompt #35Jessica said: Star Wishing is my response to 2016 poetry prompt #35 (Stars). I read a lot of picture books and I’ve noticed that wishing for (and often getting hold of) a star is  a common theme…

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Poem of the Day

Australian Children’s Poetry Website

Mish and Mash


I love to cook a mish and mash

A pineapple avocado smash

Cranberry and potato soup

A pea and parsnip ice-cream scoop

A pepper zucchini chocolate slice

Special strawberry chilli rice

Pizza topped with jelly beans

Devil’s food cake served with greens.

I love to cook a mish and mash

Dinner’s done now – got to dash.

Jessica Nelson

Jessica said: Mish and Mash is my response to 2016 poetry prompt #45 (Food). This poem was inspired by the ‘cooking’ my siblings and I used to do as children, where any ingredients we could find were thrown together in the mixing bowl, with varied results.


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