Story in Zodiac Anthology

My short story, Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, about a magical cure too good to be true, is now available as an ebook in the Cancer anthology, book seven of Aussie Speculative Fiction’s Zodiac Series. This series is full of dark and mysterious stories inspired by zodiac signs and mythology. The Cancer installment will be available in paperback soon . Aussie Speculative Fiction is a fantastic group full of creative people committed to showcasing some of the amazing speculative fiction produced in Australia and by Australians. It’s well worth checking out their other projects too, and it was a pleasure to be included in this.

Zodiac Series


One of my short stories has been accepted for an anthology in the Zodiac Series by Australian Speculative Fiction. Each anthology in this series is filled with stories inspired by one of the star signs and it’s symbology. The first Zodiac books are available now in print or ebook from