About the Book Festival

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to join a writers panel for the About the Book festival in Merimbula on Saturday 11 March  2017. The topic of discussion will be: Giving voice to ourselves: the changing face of publishing. The panel will discuss the world of digital publishing and its impacts. I will be speaking about my work as an emerging author along with my experiences as a member of the Andromeda Spaceways Magazine Association.

I will be in high company – others on the panel will include Kate Liston-Mills, whose beautifully written book The Waterfowl are Drunk was published last year; Gabrielle Stroud, a teacher and YA author whose essay ‘Fixing the System‘ in The Griffith Review went viral; and Meghan Brewster, author, blogger and founder of Manuscrapped.com. The fabulous Michelle Pettigrove, who has been successful as an actress, playwright and author, will be facilitating.

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