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The New Ssstudent

Slithering, whispering

A snake came to class

Brightly glittering

Its scales like glass

Short, thick body

Banded with grey

Wiggling lure tail

Tempting for prey.

Terrible, horrible

It gave us a turn

But Mrs MacWinkle

Said, ‘It may wish to learn.’

Snake failed English

Again and again;

Snakes are not built

For holding a pen.

Snake could not learn

To decipher a map,

Of history and science

It knew not a scrap.

But to our surprise

That snake was able

To complete with a snap

The seven times table.

At sums and fractions

It couldn’t be greater:

Its mind was just like

The best calculator.

When we realised the truth

We could hardly be gladder:

Mathematics comes easy

When you are an adder.

Jessica Nelson
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #4


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